The Insurian Difference

Marketing Services


Through Insurian’s marketing services, we help clients bridge the gap between people, product, and process to maximize value and drive a compelling customer experience. With our internal marketing platform, we can:


1) Determine customer trends.

2) Capture customer mindshare.

3) Analyze customer touch points and product usage.

4) Monitor customer satisfaction & purchase potential.

5) Emphasize the value of products through white label and customized content.


We insure that your entire staff realizes the value and how each product implemented drives market differentiation, profit, loyalty,     and referrals.  Let’s visit opportunities to keep you competitive and get more than your fair share of the market.  Let’s review your action plans together or engage our industry leading consultants to help you build them.


Building Mind Share

Connecting your customers to your brand has never been more important.  With over 82% of purchasers in the market for three months or less, you have to deliver high impact quickly, value building communication at each step in the process to capture the mindshare of your customers.  So when they are ready to buy you are top of mind.

Consider us the active partner that knows how to communicate, analyze data, brainstorm with your team and execute the value message to each customer.

Creating the features and benefits that separate you are our specialty. Measuring the data and enriching the data with our proprietary modeling gives you the advantage you need in the market place.

When you combine our world class consumer protection and marketing insights you will surely stand out in the crowd.

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 Repeats. Referrals. Loyalty.


As social media, blogs, rating sites and online shopping experiences give unprecedented power to consumers, it’s imperative for your business’ future to determine how your product strategy endears customers. In fact, over 60% of consumers attribute future purchases to a certain dealer [or lender] based how they are treated after their first purchase (Google Think).  With Insurian’s marketing services, we can help you determine customer pain points and forecast trends so you get ahead of the game – delighting customers with great customer service and rewarding those who remain loyal or refer more business.

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