How Insurian Can Help


We work shoulder to shoulder with you to help you reach the next level of performance.

We are partners in this together and we take our commitments seriously.  The lending space, like no other, is filled with disruptive business models, transformative processes and disintermediating technologies.

With us you’ll get new and innovative ideas with execution strategies, as well as a deep industry knowledge, meaningful insights, and a broader range of capabilities.

More Loans with Insurian Insights

Our proprietary data engine can help you sell more loans by combining hundreds of data attributes with your customers’ claims data, purchase data, and alerting you when these customers are likely to be in the market for their next loan.

World Class Claims Processing

With over 34 years of consumer protection product experience, we understand that honoring the promises of the agreement your customer has selected is of utmost importance. We are an extension of you and we take that seriously.

The Absolute Best Loan Offerings

Differentiate your loans and empower your people to build value

Learn more about The Insurian Difference and how your company fits in.